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The purpose of this website is to make Charles Tilly’s methodological writings more readily available. It features all of Tilly's writings over last four decades that are primarily concerned with methodology. Each article is accompanied by a short summary, and is classified into one or more categories (Social History, Methodology, and Ontology). Some articles are identified further with topical keyword(s). The articles are listed in reverse chronological order. To view a copy of the article click the Adobe PDF icon to the left of the article’s title.

The three categories make it convenient to search for articles that fall into a particular domain. To view a list of articles under a specific category click that category’s link in the right column.

Keywords are phrases in the description of the article to allow users to perform a more specific topical search of Tilly’s writings. The relevant keywords are: Anthropology, European History, Formal Methods, Historical Sociology, Invariant Modeling, Labor History, Political Contention, Social Mechanisms, Social Networks, Sociology, and Urban History. To view a list of all articles characterized by this keyword, type the keyword in the search box in the right column and press the search button.