Professor Murmann's Blog: New School of Strategy & Entrepreneurship launched in Sydney

New School of Strategy & Entrepreneurship launched in Sydney

The UNSW Academic Board has approved the creation of a new School of Strategy and Entrepreneurship within the Faculty of Business (incorporating AGSM) to continue AGSM’s general management teaching and research. To be headed by Associate Professor Peter Murmann, the new school will focus on innovation and entrepreneurship as a subject within general business. Welcoming the move, Professor Alec Cameron, Dean of UNSW’s Faculty of Business (incorporating AGSM), said the new schools’ vision was to be recognised as Australia’s leading cluster of scholarship in the area of strategy and entrepreneurship research, teaching and executive development. “After the integration of AGSM and the Faculty of Commerce and Economics there were several existing schools but none was dedicated to general management and strategy,” said Professor Cameron. “So as part of the integration the idea was to create a separate school, and to include entrepreneurship to highlight the fact that the concerns of the general manager and the entrepreneur were both being addressed and people were being prepared for these roles.”

Professor Cameron said a Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship would be launched, to be affiliated with the new school. “It’s so important that the faculty has a dedicated group of academics focussing on general management and entrepreneurship,” said Associate Professor Murmann. “This will bring a new capability to the Faculty of Business and extend to it the teaching capability AGSM has had in its Executive programs.
Although the initial headcount of the School will be eight, Associate Professor Murmann said there were plans to expand this to as many as 20 academics over the next few years.

The school’s teaching focus will cover some undergraduate courses, newly developed Masters courses, the full-time MBA and the MBA (Executive), where the aim is to provide a fully integrated experience and ensure that it retains its status as the “number one strategy course for practising managers in South-East Asia.”

In the area of research, Associate Professor Murmann said the “overall goal” is to have all members of the school recognised “for their intellectual contributions to scholarship, both within the international research community and the local and regional business communities.”

“We will benchmark our faculty’s performance against the best in the region and the best in the world,” Associate Professor Murmann said.

Associate Professor Murmann said that a short term objective is to attract additional scholars with international reputations to the new school.

“Building on the excitement about this new school both at UNSW and the business community, we are keen to bring a leading scholar in the entrepreneurship area to the school. Our goal is to create a vibrant, intellectual and scholarly research environment with active peer support and feedback.”

The Australian Graduate School of Management is part of the UNSW Faculty of Business.